Combined pH/ORP sensor Memosens CPS16D PH/ORP二合一電極
Memosens CPS16D is a combined pH/ORP electrode with Memosens technology. It measures pH and ORP simultaneously for a better process control and increased quality. The sensor is designed with a dirt-repellent PTFE diaphragm for process and environmental applications with long term stable conditions.

Your benefits:

  • Simultaneous measurement of pH, ORP and rH values (in rH mode) for a better process overview
  • Platinum additional electrode enables constant monitoring of sensor quality

  • Robust and resistant to poisoning thanks to large PTFE ring junction and reference with ion trap

  • Process glass suitable for very alkaline applications
  • Glass breakage and blockage detection


  • Long-term monitoring or limit control in processes with

    stable process conditions

    – Chemical processes

    – Pulp and paper industry

    – Power stations (e.g. flue gas cleaning)

    – Incinerator plants

    – Mining

    – Wastewater

  • Water treatment

    – Drinking water

    – Cooling water

    – Well water


With ATEX and IEC approval for use in hazardous areas.

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