Orbipore CPS91D PH/ORP 二合一電極
Orbipore CPS91D is a digital pH electrode with Memosens technology. It is designed with an open aperture for heavily soiled media and a built-in temperature sensor. The open aperture allows the use of the electrode in media with a high solids content, in suspensions/emulsions as well as in precipitation reactions where the diaphgram would otherwise block in a short time.

Your benefits:

  • Low maintenance due to gel filling
  • Open aperture for application in heavily soiled media
  • Built-in temperature sensor for effective temperature compensation
  • Long service life due to new stabilised gel
  • Extremely insensitive to pressure and temperature variation
  • Short response time
  • Poison-resistant reference with ion trap available

Further benefits offered by Memosens technology:

  • Maximum process safety through contactless inductive signal transmission
  • Data safety through digital data transmission
  • Easy handling due to storage of sensor-specific data
  • Predictive maintenance possible due to registration of sensor load data


  • Chemical processes
  • Heavily soiled media:
    - Solids
    - Emulsions
    - Precipitation

With ATEX and FM approval for application in hazardous areas.

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